My name is Anne Kathrine Henriksen.

I am an educated instructor of rhythmical movement and relaxation (Karild Technique).

In September 2005 I participated in my first Scandinavian Drum Circle Facilitator's Basic Training with Arthur Hull and have participated again in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. In 2007 also in a Rhythmical Alchemy Playshop and in 2012 in a Facilitator's Challenge Playshop.

I have taken lessons in African Djembe and Percussion at "Den Rytmisk Aftenskole" and with Sellasi Dewornu, Den 3. verdens Aftenhøjskole.

Have completed a 1 year education in voice training at “Center  for Kreativiet og Teater”.

Love to dance: Free expression, Oriental Dance, Salsa, Bollywood.

I am a member and drummer in “Slagkraft” a big Street Drum Orchestra rooted in Samba, and I have started a drum group now called Djembuka Jam.


My first Drum Circle

In the summer 2005 I became acquainted with the concept “Community Drum Circle” at “No Mind Festival” Ängsbacka, Sweden.

I had decided to participate in the announced Drum Circle workshop with Mikael Khei from Norway. I did not know what it was about but I was hoping that I would get a chance to hit a drum. When I came closer to the location, an Indian Tipi, the sound of Drums and percussion poured towards me. They called me, seduced me inside. As always when I hear the sound of Drums I felt joy and my wish to play and dance myself was excited. When I reached the tent opening, halfway dancing, and entered I was welcomed by Mikael. “Find a Drum or a percussion instrument and find a place to sit down in the circle. Find and give your contribution to the existing rhythm” he said.

It did cost me some effort to do it. Could I find out? What if I could not and made a fool out of myself and everybody could hear it? I listened and sensed in my body the rhythm being played and suddenly I was ready. One hand hit the Drum and the ice was broken! One simple rhythm with one hand was my start but from within myself it was developed into a more complicated rhythm with two hands. Of course my rhythm was messed up now and then and I lost my concentration. But it did not matter because the rest of the circle continued. So I just stopped, listened, and sensed the music got into the rhythm again or found a new one that fitted.

What I experienced during those two hours in the Drum Circle was fantastic. In this short time Mikael was able to make a drum and percussion orchestra out of approx 30 people with total different backgrounds. Many had never played before. He acted as a kind of orchestral conductor (Drum Circle Facilitator) who, with his distinct body language and voice, conducted the orchestra from the centre of the circle. However, most of the time he was not at the “hot spot” in the centre but actually left the circle to play and create the rhythm themselves. When he could hear that the music was about to fall apart or we got too much out of rhythm he rescued us by jumping into the centre and get our attention.

E.g. he divided the circle into two half’s, stopped one half and made them listen to and applause the playing half. He then kicked off the listeners, stopped the others and made them listen and applause. Then he kicked them of so the whole circle was playing and then left the “hot spot”. The whole circle was now refocused and could manage without him until the next time we needed him.

When the Drum Circle finished I had played a lot of different instruments and had played a lot of different rhythms on many different pieces of music. I experienced a lot of small triumphs and successes. I was filled with joy and vitality, I was high. Now I had found the right way for me to play music. From within and together with others. All driven by the passion and joy of expressing and sharing with the community what was in me at that very moment. The desire to create and being part of something bigger and make it function as a unity.


At løbe en risiko og lærer af fejl gør fiasko til succesfuld læring!

makes failure into learning successes.