I have some extra instruments which the participants may use. But to be sure to have something to play on the participants must as starting point bring their own. Homemade instruments are are very welcome such as:
Shaker can/box/tin with a plastic lid filled with at little rice, small stones etc. Remember to glue or tape the lid !!

(scraping instrument) = approx 40 cm hard striped plastic pipe/tube (pipe/tube for cable/lead) + Chinese chopstick or Bamboo stick.


Claves 2 pieces of round stick made of hard wood, approx 21 cm long, 2,5-3 cm in diameter
Ankle/ wrist bells stitch a lot of bells on a wide ribbon, which can then be tied around the ankle/the wrist.
Apart from this clapping with your hands makes a fantastic instrument.


Tips for a groovier Drum circle

  • Respect and take care of one another's instruments
  • Take of watch and any Jewellery when playing
  • Ask for permission before you play on someone else's instrument
  • Listen well before starting to play
  • Listen as much as you play
  • Help each other to find the rhythm
  • If you can hear you play out of rhythm;  STOP AND LISTEN!
  • Play at the same sound intensity as the rest of the circle
  • Be subtle in your play. Show your skill, not your ego. Make room for others

Thanks for your understanding

Enjoy the Groove